Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NY Times editor blogs about prostate cancer

The battle against prostate cancer is a very public ordeal for Dana Jennings.

The New York Times editor has chosen to blog about his experiences with the disease as he undergoes treatment. Find it at Well.

Although I had the best intentions to do the same with this blog, it has fallen into the occasional update of some cancer treatment news. I really don't have the desire to go into sharing all the trials and tribulations of prostate cancer recovery after surgery. Maybe one day I will.

Jennings also had surgery for prostate cancer, but that's where our stories diverge. My post-surgery pathology report and tri-monthly PSAs come back clean. His didn't.

What followed were hormone injections and now radiation treatments.

He tells very eloquently what it's like to lose his sex drive from the drugs and how he deals with the anger that wells from within.


Aftercancer said...

Don't beat yourself up, we all have great plans for our blogs and then life gets in the way!

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great. Plan to follow as things progress.

Anonymous said...

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