Friday, October 30, 2009

Recent celebrities with prostate cancer

Just saw that news that Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He was one of the "outlaws" in the movie Easy Rider and went on to become a director and actor in scores of movies.

His manager said 73-year-old Hopper was being treated through a "special program" at the University of Southern California. I'm sure we'd like to know what that "special program" is.

Meanwhile, it was announced in the past couple of weeks that composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, 61, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer as well.

The composer of Phantom of the Opera and other musicals also is currently undergoing treatment, although there's been no word on what treatment he chose either.

I'm sorry to hear about these men falling victim to cancer, but maybe it will help raise awareness of the disease among men.

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